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Advice for authors

The limited number of new titles appearing on the Heart of Albion web site may give the impression I am not commissioning many new titles. This is not true! While economic matters are generally challenging I am being more selective than usual about what I take on. But clearly I need to publish new books to keep going!

Heart of Albion titles are always written in an 'accessible' style, although this does not mean 'dumbed down'. When commissioning titles I send out an 'Advice to authors' document that outlines the preferred ways to develop ideas; guidance on the finer details of 'style', etc.; and otherwise makes the transition from your MS to final typeset as smooth as possible.

Do you think you have an idea for a book or booklet that Heart of Albion might publish? Well, before posting all 500 pages of your manuscript, please think about the following topics:

  1. Is the subject matter non-fiction and aimed at adult readers?
    If not, I'm not interested.
  2. Is the subject matter more-or-less related to British counter-culture, folklore, mythology, local history or something that might be deemed 'specialist history'?
    If not, I'm probably not going to be interested.
  3. Is it long enough to be a book (e.g. 30–80,000 words, assuming few illustrations)?
    With 'specialist topics' shorter books sell much better than large tomes.
  4. Do you have proven ability to write in an 'accessible' style? Or are you willing to take on board guidance about appropriate writing style?
    Showing that you can get people interested in your subject is key to getting your synopis accepted.
  5. Do you own the copyright or have permission to reproduce any illustrations?
    Reproduction fees can be a prohibitive cost.

If you still think your ideas will interest me, please email the following:

  • an estimate of the total number of words (yes, this is essential – if you can't be bothered to include this then don't expect a reply!!!)
  • a chapter-by-chapter synopsis (ditto!!)
  • how this book differs from any similar books
  • any anniversaries or other occasions relevant to promoting the book
  • one or two sample chapters (text only – no illustrations!; Word DOC and DOCX formats are ideal but RTF or even TXT are OK
  • a summary of the number of
    • tables and/or family trees (if any)
    • line drawings
    • black and white photos
    • colour photos (only if 100% essential!)
  • a concise bibliography of any previously-published articles and/or books.

I would much prefer you to contact me before you write the whole thing but, if it's already written, send only a synopsis and sample chapter for the attention of Bob Trubshaw. If I'm interested I'll then ask to see the rest. Believe me, all publishers only read the synopsis and a few pages before deciding whether or not a book fits in with their range.

Bob Trubshaw

If you would like to receive an email when Heart of Albion publish new titles then
please email with the subject line 'Join HOAP update list'.
Let us know if you have specific interests e.g. local history; folklore; mythology.
Heart of Albion Press does not sell or share any information you send.
New title emails are typically sent out every 2 to 3 months.

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