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Bord, Janet

Bord, Janet and Colin

Bourne, Jill more about Jill Bourne

Burchell, Simon

Chandola, Sudha

Clarke, David

Curran, Bob

Dames, Michael

Danser, Simon more about Simon Danser

Essinger, Mary

Evasdaughter, Susan more about Susan Evasdaughter

Fox, Pat

Freeman, Richard

Fretwell, Albert more about Albert Fretwell

Gichrist, Cherry

Goodman, Martin J. more about Martin J. Goodman

Griffiths, Bill more about Bill Griffiths

Hallowell, Mike

Hamilton, John

Harpur, Merrily

Harte, Jeremy more about Jeremy Harte

Heselton, Peter

Koppana, Kati more about Kati Koppana

MacDermott, Mercia more about Mercia MacDermott

McMahon, Brendan

Manwaring, Kevan

Matthews, Max more about Max Matthews

Pennick, Nigel more about Nigel Pennick

Roberts, Andy

Screeton, Paul

Smith, Gavin

Stone, Alby more about Alby Stone

Trubshaw, Bob more about Bob Trubshaw

Publications edited or co-edited by Bob Trubshaw:

Videos by Bob Trubshaw:

Bob Trubshaw's YouTube Channel

Wibberley, Anthony

Williams, David

Williams, Paul

Worthington, Andy more about Andy Worthington

Wright, Peter Poyntz more about Peter Poyntz Wright

Worley, John Harold more about John Harold Worley

Wylie, Ruth more about Ruth Wylie


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