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Alby Stone

Alby Stone was born in 1954 near Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Since 1982 he has lived and worked in London. His main interests are the history, archaeology and sociology of religion and associated beliefs and practices, historical linguistics; and the quirks, conceits and follies of the human mind. He also likes other things but they're not relevant here. He has recently returned to his first love, writing fiction, and has just published his first novel, The Forgotten Stars. There are several others in the pipeline. You can find out what he's up to at www.vaingloriouslunacy.com/

Alby would like to make it clear that he does not support any fascist, racist, homophobic or sexist organisation or ideology. As an atheist and humanist, he does not believe in or support any religion, though he respects the right of others to believe on the understanding that they should respect his right to disbelieve.


NEW In late 2012 and ealry 2013 Alby self-published a trilogy of novels The Forgotten Stars, Secret Songs and The Hand of Fire. These are available as printed books or ebooks from Amazon.co.uk.

From the blurb for The Forgotten Stars:

A controversial book and a disastrous affair have made Jim Glass a public laughing-stock and a figure of hate. Now the disgraced historian wants to get away from his past and the ruins of his career. In a secluded community on a little-known island in the Thames Estuary he thinks he has found peace and quiet in which to lick his wounds and start thinking about a fresh start. But Havensea is no ordinary island. It is a place where the past is always only just around the corner. History just won’t leave him alone – and the island also seems to have plans for him. On Havensea there is no such thing as a chance encounter. Pretty soon Jim finds himself in plenty of trouble and up to his neck in ancient mysteries and modern conspiracy, danger and weirdness; and he learns that Havensea’s secrets are not only archaeological...



Heart of Albion titles by Alby Stone still available:

Explore Shamanism

Ymir's flesh – North European Creation Mythologies


Titles by Alby Stone previously published by Heart of Albion Press but currently out of print:

Wyrd – Fate and destiny in northern European paganism
A Splendid Pillar – Images of the axis mundi in the Grail Romances
The Bleeding Lance – Myth, ritual and the Grail legend
The Questing Beast and Other Cosmic Dismemberments
Straight Track Crooked Road – Leys, spirit paths and shamanism

Alby Stone has also published a number of articles in
Mercian Mysteries and At the Edge, including:

A Pagan Gothic Ritual

Flying to the cloud - Soma and the Axis Mundi

The Nine Sisters and the Axis Mundi

The Perilous Bridge

Penda the Pagan - Royal sacrifice and a Mercian king

Goddess of the Black Stone

Celtic Fallacy Forgone

The Cosmic Mill

Hellhounds, Werewolves and the Germanic Underworld

Iceman : Shaman?

Alby Stone can be contacted by email via Heart of Albion Press


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