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Bob Trubshaw


Full name: Robert Nigel Trubshaw
Born: 1954 in Leicester

Since childhood I have been interested in photography and all aspects of landscape, especially geology and archaeology. I graduated as an industrial designer and worked in various aspects of the plastics industry from the mid-1970s until 2001. In 1986 I returned to Leicestershire and, in my spare time, became deeply involved in local history and folklore. At the end of 2010 I moved to Avebury, Wiltshire, but came back to Leicestershire in May 2016.

Heart of Albion Press started in 1989 to publish my research into aspects of Leicestershire and Rutland local history – such as holy wells, standing stones, ancient crosses, and medieval church carvings. Fairly quickly this led to publishing books and booklets for other authors – this on-line catalogue of Heart of Albion titles reveals how the range of titles has evolved over twenty-five years. Current writing activities are mostly articles and reviews, although I frequently give talks based on aspects of my books – and as of 2018 I am working on a number of videos based around these talks.

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What does a hard-working publisher and writer does for relaxation? In my case I used to take a lot of photographs – both when out and about or in the studio. The online Art of Albion gallery includes four free-to-download PDF albums of some of my best shots.

However, in recent years I have been taking comparatively few photographs and now organise other people to take them! In 2009 I helped to set up Project Gargoyle. This aims to photograph every medieval carving inside and outside the churches of Leicestershire and Rutland. We expect to photograph and document over 10,000 such medieval carvings – it is the first time such a county-wide survey has been attempted. Project Gargoyle is supported by Leicestershire County Council, the dioceses of Leicester and Peterborough, the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society and Leicestershire Fieldworkers.

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