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Bill Griffiths

Brian Bransom "Bill" Griffiths, poet, born 20 August 1948; died 13 September 2007

Bill Griffiths was born in Middlesex in 1948, studied history and later Old English language and literature at London University, worked for a while in Germany, and then lived at Seaham in County Durham.

By instinct a poet, Bill was first published in Poetry Review in the early 70s when it was edited by Eric Mottram (remembered for his support of innovative American and English poetry, and for his dedication as teacher at King's College London). Subsequent work was produced in collaboration with Bob Cobbing's Writers Forum, a vast little press that concentrates on (celebrates might be a better word) booklets of experimental writing, visual poetry, and much more,

From manual typewriter, stencil and Gestetner, to PC and photocopier; from stapled miniature and appearance in little mags to larger commercial texts; from creative writing to vivid translation to a PhD in Old English; and from suburban sunny lodgings to canal houseboat to a terrace half-house in County Durham, Bill's work and life has covered a remarkable range, reflected in the variety and number of his publications.

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